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Burgess Excel Bedding & Litter

Burgess Excel Bedding & Litter
 Our Price: £5.99
Burgess Excel Bedding & Litter is made from 100% natural pressed straw.   It is heat treated and 
dust extracted to minimise spores and dust which can lead to respiratory issues. A natural ingredient has also been added to control the activity of parasites on and around your pet. 
This, combined with unrivalled absorbency, helps prevent flea, fly and mite infestation.

Excel Bedding & Litter is many more times absorbent than whole straw and shavings.
It eradicates nasty odours by effectively binding mositure without the need for deodorising 
chemicals. It can be used in pet hutches and runs, cages and litter trays to absorb moisture and
eliminate odours.
8L pack.

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