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Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector
Pet Corrector
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The Pet Corrector is a hand held training device, which is extremely effective for interrupting and eliminating undesirable behaviours in dogs and cats. For example; unwanted barking, jumping up and aggression in dogs and jumping on counter tops and scratching in cats. 
Many animals such as snakes, insects and geese use a hissing sound to warn off predators, domestic pets are still sensitive to similar noises and will instinctively respond to them. The Pet Corrector consists of a container of compressed air. When the top is pressed, it emits a very loud hiss, mimicking the warning sound found in nature.  
It comes with a very useful training guide included. As well as being great for dog training, it is also fantastic for telling your cat that his behaviour is unacceptable.
The 50mL size is perfect for popping in your pocket ready to deploy when out and about. 

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